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SA Brand Marketing Industry Needs to Wake Up

28 August 2013
Feedback from over 300 senior executives in the Brand Marketing industry, including a sample of Brand Owners responsible for an estimated R8 billion in marketing spend, indicates that the sector needs to take urgent action. "The industry needs a shake- up to ensure that it brings long-term economic, social and cultural value to South Africa," says David Blyth, Brand Council of South Africa (BCSA) board director.
SA Brand Marketing Industry Needs to Wake Up
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His comments follow the announcement of the results of BCSA’s inaugural Brand Marketing Barometer, which revealed that the industry feels undervalued, under pressure and underperforming with dangerous gaps in skills and leadership. 

Two major concerns were highlighted:

1. The urgent need for a skills upgrade and more visible leadership in the industry. 

  • Only 24% of suppliers and 32% of brand owners think that the skills of young marketers entering the profession are of an acceptable level. 
  • Only 55% of brand owners think the marketing profession is of a high standard and 76% of suppliers feel that the industry lacks thought leaders.

2. The need for a clearer understanding of business, consumers and technology.

These are critical success factors for the industry in order to deliver both economic and social value through the business of brands.

The survey results highlighted that the brand marketing industry lacked professional appeal and the ability to show tangible value, Blyth said. “The industry is therefore not taken seriously at the boardroom table and we need to change that.”
The BCSA will use the report to focus activities and direct their effort to making the industry more professional and more useful in the eyes of society, government and business.
“This will involve finding ways to address the mix of skills and the visibility of share-shifting thinking, and a number of key interventions have already been planned by the BCSA,” Blyth continued. “These include publicly profiling inspiring industry thought leaders and icons, working towards consolidating the various industry awards systems and partnering with academic institutions to close the skills and training gap.”

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